Epoxy Grout DH-10

Sizes 5.5kg
Colors 40 Colors (Refer Color Chart)
Area of use Vitrified ceramic Tiles


Epoxy Grout DH-10 is a special formulation for grouting floors & walls of vitrified-ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles,& mosaic. The Amazon Agentur grouting between tiles is required to give the diktorarbeit schreiben lassen desired shade & color to joints, and also to protect joints from dust & stain. Epoxy Grout DH-10 also works as a waterproof agent for the joints, it stops dampness and leakage from joints lesbar-schreiben.org . It is recommended in tile joints for gaps between 3 to 10mm for ghostwriter seminararbeit floor & walls.


  • Clean the surface by removing all dust and dirt.
  • Blend ‘Resin A’ and ‘Hardener B’ in a ratio of 2.5:1 to a uniform consistency.
  • Add ‘Filler Powder C’ to the mixture to form a Akademisches Ghostwriting paste.
  • Apply on the cracks and holes on the surface for a perfect finish.
  • Allow sufficient time for drying.