Our aims is to combine greater efficiency to get desired results with our range of products. We hope to be the leading solution provider of flooring surfaces with expertise and adapting to innovative formulations according to global market demands.


We envision our product range to be the leading template for all other manufacturers for surface restoration projects. We continuously evolve ourselves to transform processes to contribute to success of our customers.

Service & Solutions

We believe that unless our solutions are not perfect, our services are meaningless. We aim to satisfy our diverse client from various industry vertical backgrounds.

Research & Development

Our more than 40+ products are not generic but designed and developed for targeting specific issues related to surfaces.

Who We Are

DUSH is a great innovation by the expertise combining the very premium quality products to enhance value of your precious Marble – Granite and Natural Stone.

DUSH primarily focuses on offering a diverse range of products for long-term protection of Marble – Granite, Natural stones, Tiles and Ceramic surfaces.

We offer over 40 premium concepts formulated and made in Italy to enhance and protect the natural appearance of surfaces.

The product list comprises of resins, joint filers, mastics, marble glue, sealers, cleaners, stain removers and polishes.

With constant R & D we have been able to provide solutions which save time, labour and are cost-effective

The benefits of choosing our Products

DUSH product range is trusted for over 50 years by industry professionals like architects, contractors, landscape owners, industrial sector for sanitary maintenance with special formulations.

They target the cleanup of liquid spillage, hard stains, grouts, pinholes, cracks, repairs and polishing. Some solutions are essentially effective in pre-laying and post installation of raw materials.