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Classification and identification of Dush Chemical Products with the dedicated R&D

What do we do?

Dush is a well-known name in the Stone line chemical industry. There is more than 40 premium Dush Products developed in Italy to improve and protect the natural appearance of the floor. Over the last 50 years, we’ve accumulated a varied range of clientele from many industries that trust our technique and formulas.

We assist experts such as architects, marble contractors, interior companies, and marble and granite companies to completely overhaul your floor.

With our quality solutions, we want to become a part of any stone solution requirement you may have from installation of marble to maintenance of marble.

We ensure that each of our clients receives the ideal solution for a flawlessly installed and polished floor by offering a wide choice of products. Let’s dig deeper

Vast Range of Dush Chemical Products:

At Dush, we manufacture a range of products for different industries. The products are intricately made for various requirements and to enhance your facility space. We work with products including marbles, granite, natural stones, tiles, wood, and stones.

Let us discuss our range of products in detail:

  • Mastics:

The super adhesive gluing system for marbles, granite, and natural stones. The adhesive ensures longevity and a better finish for your flooring.

It comprises options like:

    • Mastics
    • Mastics CRISTALLO-A
    • Resina 1610
    • Resina 2604
  • Epoxy:

Dush has specialized Epoxy resins for stone color and character for pin holes fill up. This gives a long-lasting, lustrous finish to your floor. The epoxy strength and finish depend upon the layering done, Dush provides you with the expert solution for the best results.

You are given a variety of Epoxy that is:

    • BCC 0815 4+1
    • BCR 4+1
    • BCR 601 4+1
    • SPN 1650 2+1
  • Sealer:

Dush sealers are specialized products for marble protection from stains. The sealer layer is placed upon the floor to protect it from any kind of stains and damage which also results in a glassy finish.

The different types of sealer we provide are:

    • Protek+
    • Wetlook silk
    • DU safe
    • DU Spot off
    • Hidro SST
    • Wet Seal
  • Cleaner and Stain remover:

For a spotless floor, we provide the service for cleaner and stain remover. We have a variety of chemicals for different industrial requirements like:

    • Alka Cleaner
    • Durux
    • Nitro Glow
    • Oxi Fresh
    • Sparkle Phase
    • Stain ex
  • Densifiers:

Densifiers strengthen the marble for better protection and durable gloss, it makes your floor rock solid, the densifiers are used for a robust and attractive finish. The types we provide are:

    • Fabio 40
    • Bianco wonder
    • Glaze Chem
    • Wonder Link
  • Polish:

As the name suggests, it is used for making the floor polished and extremely attractive. The types of polish provided are:

    • Glosso Powder
    • Yellow Powder
    • Liquid Cera
    • Luxex

We not only supply amazing items but also ensure that our services are of the highest quality.

Dush begins by examining the issue you’re dealing with. We have a dedicated R&D department to analyze and solve each new stone-related issue that arises.

We proceed with world-class technology to test the procedures in the testing labs in Italy. The following step is production, which is carried out in state-of-the-art labs to ensure the highest possible quality. We send manufactured goods for testing to determine the greatest quality, and we only release them to the market if they pass all the quality dimensions.

We’ve become one of the leading floor polishing service providers, with 1,000+ projects, 50+ years of experience, and 500+ experts using our products.

The benefits of choosing us include that you can place an order directly with the company, and we’re also available online to make things even easier.

If this is your first time getting a floor makeover, our team will walk you through the process and assist you to select the finest product for your needs.

Our winning attributes include 24/7 support before and after purchase to give you the best experience.

So, you just have to select Dush, then sit back and relax!

Visit the following link to learn more about the products and the services we provide: Dush | Solution for Every Stone Product Problems (

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