Sizes 500 Gms
Colors Clear
Area of use Marble


Dush BAC-150 is a polishing powder made with natural resins with exceptionally fine micro grains helps the surface achieve long-lasting and consistent shine. This is an ideal product for increasing and restoring the shine of the marble floors. Prevents frequent crystallization of the floor which can cause change in natural look of the marble. It has a very balanced formula which allows faster and economic polishing on the marble floors.

Instructions To Use

  • Carefully clean the surface and remove any kind of the dirt. Apply 20 to 40 grams of product per square meter (about 1-2 tablespoons) and dampen the area by spraying the water till it obtain a texture of creamy consistency.
  • Buff the milky/creamy texture with continuous and constant motion by using the traditional polish machine or single buff machine. Work 2-3 square meters time by time for a more homogeneous polishing.
  • Friction will cause the water evaporation, spray water to maintain product creamy.
  • With the drying, the surface becomes shining.
  • Verify the glossy effect and repeat if necessary