Sizes 1 Ltr
Colors Clear
Area of use Marble, Granite & Natural Stones


DU SPOT OFF is a water-based water and oil-repellent sealer, it is an one-component product for medium and high porosity surface; conservative product for depth and surface; non-filmogenic treatment, it belongs to the new generation of water-based fluorolegants with anti-dust properties; it penetrates deeply into building materials, protecting them from the absorption of water, leaving the materials completely breathable. The product reduces greatly the absorption of liquid, oily or fatty substances, and does not alter normally the natural appearance of terracotta and natural stones, making the cleaning simpler.


  • The natural stone surface to be treated must be clean, dry and absorbent cloth.
  • It is recommended to test the product on a small area for desired result.
  • Do not use on wet, humid or outdoor material in case of expected rains.
  • Apply the product on the surface and let the material absorb the product according to its natural porosity; rub gently to aid impregnation.
  • After 30 to 45 minutes remove excess of product from the surface.
  • Avoid using the surface preferably for 24 hours but not less than 6 hours.