Resina 1610

Sizes 5KG and 25KG
Colors Crystal
Area of use Marble & Granite


Dush resina 1610 is a crystal resin for filling and repairing of marble, granite, and natural stone.Dush Resina 1610 a compound made of unsaturated polyester Orth phthalic modified resin condensed with standard glycol and pre-accelerated with hardener. The preparation has good characteristics of chemical mechanical resistance, brightness, and stability after hardening. The Dush Resina 1610 is used for stuccoing and gluing of marble slabs, stones, agglomerated, travertine and so on. It can also be diluted with monomer styrene(5% – 10% in weight in the compound) in order to improve the spreading and impregnation on the marble surface. Further quantity of styrene can be added only upon a trial application since some characteristics of the preparation can be affected. Colouring pastes or similar pigments slightly affecting the colour toning of the preparation can also be added.

Instructions To Use

  • Clean the surface of stone of all dust and dirt and make it completely dry.
  • Take required quantity of ‘resina’   and add ‘1% to 3% catalyst’ depending on usage conditions.
  • Mix the two components well.
  • Apply the mixture on the joints and holes to get a perfect surface.