Mastics Lite

Sizes 1000 ml
Colors White / Cream / Red / Black / Green / Transparent
Area of use Marble & Granite


DUSH MASTICS LITE is a distinct filler for medium and large holes that spoil the beauty of natural stones. Its properties for binding are due to polyester resin based mastics. Available in multiple shades and 3 forms (Solid, Liquid and Semi solid), it enhances the appearance of any marble or natural stone.

Instructions To Use

  • Clean and dry the exterior surface of the stone.
  • Stains, dust and marks should be wiped out.
  • To use the filler, blend the two parts called ‘glue’ and ‘catalyst (2%).’
  • The blended mixture should be applied immediately to cover the joints and holes.
  • Let the filler set for 4 hours and polish the flooring to get a pristine exterior.