Sizes 1000 ml
Colors Crystal
Area of use Marble & Granite


DUSH MASTICS CRISTALLO-A is a unique product fills and cover holes of any size in Natural Marble. It is an ideal binding material that lends high gloss to a marble surface or any other natural stone. It is available in various colours to match the best possible shade as per the marble. It has strong binding power, is easy to apply and gives very good polish. Available forms are solid, semi solid and liquid which makes is very easy for the applicator to use.

Instructions To Use

  • Clean and dry the exterior surface of the stone.
  • Stains, dust and marks should be wiped out.
  • To use the filler, blend the two parts called ‘glue’ and ‘catalyst (2%).’
  • The blended mixture should be applied immediately to cover the joints and holes.
  • Let the filler set for 4 hours and polish the flooring to get a pristine exterior.